Our Stroy

Founded at 1947, just 15 days before India’s Independence, Prasad Magazine and publication was founded. It has coined an exquisite place in religious and spiritual publication Industry in India, Maharashtra.

Our motto:

Prasad is spreading knowledge about Indian Religion and its culture. to ‘re-Introduce Indian Culture’, and we have been doing this without harming the core of it. From the very day of foundation Prasad has built a strong platform for fresh writers and readers. Since the beginning the aim was to produce literature for the use of layman.

Our journey of three generations is: -

1st generation : founded by Late Shri Yashwant G. Joshi famously known as ‘Bhau’ and Saint Sonopant alias Mama Dandekar, and also S. A. Jogalekar the well-known authors of various books. Subodh jnaneshwari, books became movie scipts like vahininchya bangdya, shevgyachya shenga made bhau alias, Y. G. Joshi a famous writer.

2nd generation : Bhau’s son late Manohar alias Bapusaheb Joshi, second generation of Prasad, shouldered the responsibility of Prasad Prakashan for 52 years. He worked on the same guidelines set by his late father and became immensely successful as the Chief Editor of Prasad Magazine and Publication. He published a large variety of book schemes and spread wings of prasad to faraway land. Most of our milestone schemes are published by him. But books against deposit scheme was his most precious gift to layman which enabled him to purchase books. Many other publications followed this trend later. The lineage does not stop here.

3rd generation : Dr. Uma Bodas, Bapusaheb’s daughter, has chosen this same profession and has joined hands in hands with her father with open eyes and a determined mind. Uma is the chief editor for almost three decades now. She has pursued M.B.A. and also holds a PhD in HR management and koutaliy arthashastra (Management and Sanskrit)Prasad Prakashan has published nearly 750 titles and mostly exploring religion, Indian culture and many other topics.

Our milestone schemes:-

Aaple ved- aapli upanishade- aapli purane, Subodh Shankar granthavali, Devbhasheche dene- Marathi Che lene, Abhinav Prasanna darshan, Samarth vagvaijayanti, A splash of tacit knowledge for our new generation, we have launched scheme Aapli Shastrasampada. It describes our foretold ancient sciences with modern touch. It’s a 30 books scheme in two parts.

Each book is based on ancient Indian science with original Sanskrit text with Marathi translation. For generations, Prasad has been the much-loved magazine imparting the important, forgotten treasure of ancient India. It has been successful in bringing back glory to the past, which many seem to have forgotten. Prasad aims at reminding us about the dignity of our culture. Prasad will go on with its set target. Even though it has a particular traditional format, it has become popular in contemporary age group. Without harming its core, it has transformed itself into new look, which appeals modern generation.

Prasad Prakashan has endowed authors like V. P. Kale; D. M. Mirasdar; Ranjeet Desai; P. K. Ghanekar; Dr. P. C. Shejvalkar, S. V. Karve; S. K. Devdhar with platform, who became renowned later.