Our Stroy

Shri Yashwant G. Joshi who was more famous as Bhau, and Sonopant alias Mama Dandekar, the well-known authors were the founder members of Prasad Publication.

For the past 63 years that is since its foundation in 1947, Prasad has been exclusively publishing books related to culture & spirituality. Since the beginning the aim was to produce literature for the use of layman. Prasad has always helped the amateurs to explore the enriched world of our culture and to establish as littérateur. Our motto is to ‘Re-Introduce Indian Culture’, and we have been doing this without harming the core of it.

Indian culture facilitates leading a joyful and spiritual life and aims at reducing the tensions in day-to-day life which is what we continuously emphasize at through our magazine & other publications. So far we have published a lot of work under various titles such as Vad-vivechan-mala, Maharashtra Parichay, Sahyadri etc. Every now and then through Prasad magazines we highlight specific topics and publish them, a few to name under this project are the various Gods and Goddesses, and also a series based on the main rivers of India right from their origins to their tributaries and distributaries. Prasad has also covered our ancient sciences through such series.

Since last 40 years it is Bhau’s son Manohar alias Bapusaheb Joshi, who is been shouldering the responsibility of Prasad Publication. He is working on the same guidelines set by his late father and has been immensely successful as the Chief Editor of Prasad Magazine and Publication. The lineage does not stop here. Mrs. Uma Bodas, Bapusaheb’s daughter, has chosen this same profession and has joined hands in hands with her father with open eyes and a determined mind. Uma is the Sub-editor for almost two decades now.

For generations, Prasad has been the much loved magazine imparting the important, forgotten treasure of ancient India. It has been successful in bringing back glory to the past, which many seem to have forgotten. Prasad aims at reminding us about the dignity of our culture. Prasad will go on with its set target.

‘Prasad Dnyanpeeth’, the e-learning scheme is the feather recently added to Prasad Publication. With the initial capital of the knowledge and experience gained consequently throughout the last century by the three generations, Prasad decided to open the banks of knowledge to people all over in an attempt of making the Indian culture truly global. Today, as Prasad is confident about the mastery over Indian culture, religion and philosophy through its assets, its resources, and its research team, ‘Prasad Dnyanpeeth’ is sure to promote it all over the universe. Yet, we at Prasad are well aware of our responsibilities and promise to be continuous learners in the field of knowledge.