Our Introduction

Prasad Jnyanpeeth is a unique centre of learning on-line as well as off-line dedicated to Ancient Indian Culture Civilization, Science, Philosophy and Literature. It does not aim at spreading any particular ‘ism’, but is committed to unlock the ancient Indian treasures of knowledge, approaches and attitudes for the sake of humanity, each and every living thing on the earth and the universe as well. It is based upon the strong foundation of the Universalistic ethos of ancient Indian seers, philosophers & scholars. Ancient Indian traditions have some common things building its foundation which have in turn made its survival possible in spite of the number of attempts for its destruction. This foundation can be symbolically expressed in a number of ‘mission statements’ like:

  • ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ (वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्), Let this planet be a family.
  • ‘Sarvetra Sukhinah Santu’ (सवैत्र सुखिन: संतू), Let happiness prevail everywhere.
  • ‘Ekam Sat’ (एकम् सत्) The truth is one and absolute.

The Mission Statement: Prasad Jnyanpeeth is committed to the global spread of ancient Indian knowledge, wisdom, philosophy, art & literature for the betterment of human life and environment coupled with spirituality for universal wellbeing leading to a harmonic whole comprising of all living and non-living existences.

The Vision: ‘Prasad Jnyanpeeth’ believes in universal vision. It aims at an unmitigated harmony in every walk of life. No part of a whole can exist at the cost of deprivation of other. It aims at the harmony between material and spiritual aspects between religion & science, logical analysis & sentiments, physical strength and intellectual capabilities. This is an attempt to inculcate the contemporary humanity with harmonic approaches & attitudes suitable for creation of holistic mindsets. This is an attempt to create harmonic understanding among confecting religions, races & ethos. If humanity is to be saved it has to toil to save environment. Social evils can never be eradicated without materialization of the concept of ‘Rajarshi’; the philosopher king. The East & the West have to join hands in hands for accomplishing this task. ‘Prasad Jnyanpeeth’ will be the platform for this.

Objectives: The general objectives of ‘Prasad Jnyanpeeth’ are as follows:

  • Spread of ancient Indian philosophy & culture.
  • Spread of yoga for physical & mental harmony.
  • Spread of Ayurveda for nature therapies.
  • Spread of ancient Indian Sciences for sustainable growth & development.
  • Spread of ancient Indian art, architecture & literature.
  • Creation of harmonic coordination in all walks of life.
  • Material prosperity coupled with spiritual enrichment.
  • Positive transformation of humanity for universal wellbeing.
  • These objectives are to be realized through a continuous process of learning for spread of knowledge & wisdom leading to positive transformation.

Academics: Prasad Jnyanpeeth aspires at social change through academics. Learning is believed to be a process for individual, social and environmental change for continuous ascent of man. Academics activities are therefore the foundation of an institute. The academics can broadly be divided into schools or branches of learning which are further subdivided into various modules. The broad categories are as follows.

  • School of Religion.
  • School of Philosophy.
  • School of Arts.
  • School of Literature.
  • School of Science & Technology.
  • School of Management Studies.
  • School of Behavioural Studies.
  • School of Yoga.
  • School of Health Science.
  • School of Politics & Social Change.